Press Release: Sapore serves you Artisan Food and Fine Wine

About Sapore

Sapore is an Italian, Spanish-Mediterranean Restaurant located at Ampang, the neighbouring city at KL. Sapore means flavours in Italian. At Sapore, we held an interesting slogan – “Serving you Artisan Food and Fine Wine”, simply because we highlight the authentic taste of Italian and Spanish food.

We heard many restaurants telling you they are authentic, but how true is their statement? Our chefs are originally from Italy, knowing the best taste of Spanish and Italian cuisine, after gaining wondrous cooking experiences and skills from all around the world. At Sapore, we define ‘Authentic’ is because we serve the real taste of Italian and Spanish food, from the preparation of the food till we serve the dish on your table, a masterpiece of artisan food right from the bottom of our chef’s heart. If you are an Italian or Spanish, or you have been travelling to these countries, you will definitely get the same old food taste back in Italy and Spain.


Artisan Food and Fine Wine

What’s the speciality at Sapore? We don’t serve you the typical pizza or pasta, or the normal tapas that you can get elsewhere.

Our main specialities are our imported quality Jamon Iberico, small yet delicious Spanish Tapas, and great choices of wine. We assure you that every bite is savoury and satisfying, every drink is intoxicating.

Don’t miss out what we have for you – Cold Cut Charcuterie, Antipasti Tagliere, various cheese selection, hot and cold tapas, the classic Italian Bruschetta bread, fine wine, cocktails, beers and much more at your delight.

chef fabio (2)

Chef Fabio Ruggiero Biography

Ratatouille quote: “Anyone can cook, but only the fearless can be great.” You might be curious who’s the chef completing your artisan food. Introducing you – Chef Fabio Ruggiero.

Originally from Bari, the capital city of southern Italy’s Puglia region, Chef Fabio graduated from the Professional Institute of Hospitality, Molfetta (BA) Italy in the year 2006. The young and passionate chef (born in 1988) has already made a remarkable culinary history in the gastronomic journey. From 2006 till 2012, Chef Fabio Ruggiero worked as a Chef de Partie at  5-stars hotels and some of the best restaurants worldwide, such as Relais La Suvera & Hotel Caruso, Hotel Eden (*1 Michelin Stars) in Italy and (Getti Restaurant) London. As Chef Fabio was offered as an Assistant Head Chef at Marini’s on 57 in the year of 2012, he feels Malaysia is a great country full of great food and culture diversity. After working at Marini’s on 57 for 4 years consecutively, he decided to open his own restaurant – Sapore.


Great food by a great chef, fine wine with a great companion. Come over to ‘Sapore’ (taste) our classic Italian and Spanish dishes, as we enjoy bringing people together through food. Our chefs might also surprise you with some dishes off the menu!









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