Sapore x Malaysia Food Instagrammer

11 March 2017 – It was a fun social media gathering when we decided to ask Brandon, one of the famous food instagrammer in Malaysia, to assist us in organizing a social media  gathering at our place.

No doubt instagram is a great way to create brand awareness, make more new friends in the gathering, do a mutual shout out on both parties instagram, and most important, food brings people together, and our instagram food photos were created by all the creative instagrammer. As they say with passion and creativity, the food art is endless.

Malaysia personality/ VJ who are outspoken and photogenic:

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sapore_angeline loo

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Top Malaysia food instagrammer:

sapore_brandon ma

sapore_psylancer - ivan


And thanks to them, #saporeampang was created among the newbies who want to know where to get good food at Ampang.


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