Puglia Food and Wine Pairing at Sapore

Puglian cuisine perfectly merges the two hearts of the region: the lure of the sea, with a pantry full of fish and shellfish, and the love of the land, that provides cereals, pulses and many types of vegetables. Traditional dishes from Puglia have a great respect for raw materials, always with a distinguishable flavour.

Mini calzone pizza half-moon shape filled with Burrata, Olives and stewed onion. Imagine having a pizza in a half moon puff, all the melted cheese and flavours, as if calzone is the giant size of a currypuff! 


Tormaresca ‘Neprica’ Puglia IGT, Italy ruby red wine.
AROMA: notes of fresh red fruit (plums and cherries), of flowers (roses and violets), and spices (pepper and chocolate).
FLAVOR: a wine of good structure, crisp, supple, and elegant with a return of the notes of red fruit on the long finish and aftertaste.

Snapper fillet with squashed zucchini – Fillet of snapper served with squash zucchini (Fried green Zucchini with red vinaigrette and olive oil, with a zucchini puree to whip along, if you just need the sauce to come with the fish menu. So pleased as the chef arranges the vegetables nicely! 


Carnaroli Rice – Baked crusted on top, here comes the carnaroli rice with layered potato and mussel, a real treasure of Apulia tradition. Sounds like the local baked cheese rice, but it isn’t actually. 

Sporcamuss with custard – Italian cream filled Puff pastry served with fruits compote and pure lemon custard.
Chef talk: In Italy, sporca means ‘dirty’ and muss means ‘mouth’, meaning to say, the custard will be all over your mouth, no matter how….

Are you interested in our special food wine pairing event? Call us at 03-4266 6362.

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