Press Release: Sapore 3 Signature Dishes for TableApp Elite

The Story

Sapore was invited by TABLEAPP to be on board of introducing 3 signature dishes to TABLEAPP ELITE, that will be launched next month. It was a ‘food-sync’ battle, as Chef Fabio and his team would like to give the best to the TABLEAPP diners.

After a 30 minute discussion on selecting the top 3 signature dishes, we have come out with the following decision, and we will explain to you the story behind each signature dish:

Hot Tapas – Iberico pork ribs with Barbecue Sauce RM36

sapore ampang signature_tableapp elite (1)

The Iberico Pork ribs are cut straight from Iberico pork loin, originally imported from southwest Spain.These indigenous black Iberico pigs are well-fed with grass. Therefore,  they have the propensity towards obesity and have a great capacity to accumulate intramuscular and epidermal fats.

Preparation and Cooking Method
Iberico pork ribs give a very succulent and tasty flavour, they are normally smaller in size to be compared with the ribs from the white pig. For this when I marinate the Iberico pork ribs with sweet barbecue sauce, giving the tender pork ribs a very different taste, fosters the marbling, the good quantity of the Iberico pork fats.

Spaghetti Carbonara with Eggs Yolk, Guanciale Ham & Pecorino RM29

sapore ampang signature_tableapp elite (2)

Spaghetti Carbonara is the famous traditional Italian pasta dish in Rome. Do you know the original pasta Carbonara is made with eggs, hard cheese, pancetta, and black pepper?

Preparation and Cooking Method
In my restaurant Sapore, I want to educate people that we are really serving the authentic taste of carbonara, where I will follow the real ingredients to make this dish, according to the Italian flavours.

I am using the Guanciale Ham, the cheek meat of the pig, also it is a very good flavour to make the pasta carbonara more outstanding. The Guanciale ham is marinated with black pepper, salt, thyme, and dry fennel.  The Guanciale ham marination time takes around 3 to 4 months before we can use the meat. The reason is that we are going to lose 30% of the original weight.

One more important ingredients for pasta carbonara is the eggs. I use only the eggs yolk because the egg yolk gives more colours to the pasta presentation and the amalgamation ( a result of combining) is better because eggs are a natural protein source.

You might be surprised as we don’t cook our pasta using cream. What I do with the spaghetti Carbonara is I use Pecorino Romano, a very hard cheese from Italy, combines with the natural salt that was made out from the sheep’s milk.

While some locals might have different reviews on our pasta carbonara (salty, creamy, strong cheese taste, etc), rest assured that this is how we eat Authentic Spaghetti Carbonara in Italy. Therefore, enjoy.


350g Roasted Octopus, Potato, Arugola Modena Balsamic RM118

sapore ampang signature_tableapp elite (3)
I prefer to use the Mediterranean octopus in Sapore because the octopus from the Mediterranean Sea is very salty and gives a good taste if you have to compare with the octopus from the sea in Asia.

Cooking Method
When the octopus ‘arrived’ in my restaurant, I will boil the octopus with all the natural herbs for 3 to 4 hours until the octopus becomes very soft and tender. Therefore, you won’t feel the octopus texture is too hard or chewy.

After that, I will marinate the octopus with garlic black pepper, thyme and Spanish paprika. Upon order, all I need to do is grill the octopus for 5 minutes, adding on the finishing of roasted potato and balsamic dressing.

Final Countdown

As we were excited to present you the story of Sapore 3 signature dishes –  Iberico pork ribs, Spaghetti Carbonara, and Roasted Octopus, we are more than happy to share the reason why you should come and try out other interesting dishes done by Chef Fabio.

Stay tuned for more news, ciao!


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