New Cocktails intro – CLUB, the white lady and Dolce Vita.

Sapore cocktails intro – CLUB, the white lady and Dolce Vita


1) The CLUB legend in 1896, consisting gin, fresh squeezed lemon, raspberry syrup, egg white as an emulsifier. It’s a sweet-sour taste, served as a short, up drink.

sapore white lady (1)

2) The White Lady – A mix of Bombay Gin, Cointreau, egg white, simple syrup create this pale white cocktail. We continue the legend of bartender Harry Macelhone when he made this in 1919. A little twist of the recipe from our side. Taste: a little bit strong and dry. A great aperitif drinks to kick start your appetite.

Dolce vita (1)

3) Dolce Vita cocktail, a meaning of life is full of pleasure and indulgence! Just like our Dolce Vita. A mix of Bailey, Kahlua, Ameretto, mint syrup, and simple syrup. A creamy strong coffee liqueur taste. Caffeine lover, this is it!


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