2018 Chinese New Year Menu and Promo

In Chinese calendar, Chinese people celebrates the Spring Year or Lunar New Year as one of the most important traditional festive season. In the Chinese New Year time, these are the few important things to do in conjunction with Chinese New Year celebration:

  1. Paste the red couplets on doors, those black/ gold calligraphy words on long red paper
  2. Hanging red lanterns and decorate the house with red decorations.
  3. setting off firecrackers
  4. Wear new clothes in red. Giving red angpow packet (with money) to the kids. Visiting friends or relatives.
  5. Enjoy delicious Chinese New Year cookies, delicacies, and mandarins.
  6. The Chinese also celebrate the Hokkien New Year  ‘Bai Tian Gong’ on the 9th day of CNY, to worship The Birthday of Jade Emperor, King of Heaven.
  7. The 15th day marks the last day of CNY. This is the day we called Chap Goh Mei/ Lantern Festival/ Chinese Valentine’s Day with the traditional myth of young unmarried ladies throwing mandarin oranges inscribed with names and telephone numbers into rivers in search of a boyfriend or husband.
  8. Finally, the Chinese New Year reunion dinner, where the Chinese New Year’s Eve meal is the most important dinner of the year for the Chinese families. And surprisingly, Sapore introduces you a special Chinese New Year menu with a twist of Italian Spanish style.

A) CNY Menu available: 1 Feb – 2 March 2018

cny 68

SET A- RM68++ per pax (5 OR 10 pax)

  1. 《发财捞生》Yee sang  with Smoked Salmon
  2. 《满地金钱》 Mushroom with Blue Cheese
  3. 《红红火火》 Mortadella ham
  4. 《鸿运烧肉》 Roasted Pork Belly Roulade
  5. 《恭喜发财》 Sauté broccoli
  6. 《幸福绵绵》 Spaghetti Aglio Olio with tiger prawns & clams with extra virgin olive oiL
  7. 《吉祥如意》 Honey Glaze Chicken
  8. 《甜甜蜜蜜》 Panna Cotta

cny 2

B) 1 Feb – 2 March 2018
SET B- RM88++ per pax (5 OR 10 pax)

  1. 《发财捞生》Yee sang  with Smoked Salmon
  2. 《五福临门 》 5 Antipasti – Parma pork ham, honey cooked ham, Mortadella ham with pistachio ,sun-dried tomatoes , olives
  3. 《鸿运乳猪》 Crispy suckling pig with plum sauce and potatoes
  4. 《恭喜发财》Sauté broccoli with pork lards
  5. 《年年有余》 Baked Seabass with herbs
  6. 《幸福绵绵》 Spaghetti Aglio olio with tiger prawns & clams with extra virgin olive oil
  7. 《甜甜蜜蜜》Panna cotta with fresh fruits

C) CNY Takeaways Special

We also understand that some of the Chinese will buy special CNY takeaways to enjoy a good meal with their families. We will also like to inform you that we have very good deal on CNY takeaways!





Our roasted suckling pig is definitely a delicacy. Roasted Suckling Pig: “Porchetta style”. We marinate the whole pig over night with all herbs, and our secret recipe. Our suckling pig weighs around 3.5-4kg, the age is 2 to 3 weeks old. We marinate the suckling pig with salt, vinegar, rosemary, sage and garlic for 1 day. After that, we cook the suckling pig 65 degrees for 12 hours. We remove the pig from the oven and leave it outside for 2-3 hours until it is dry. Before we serve to the people, we cook for 215 degrees until the skin become very crispy.



RM65 NETT PER KG. Porchetta pork roast roulade style RM150 nett; stuffed with the intense garlic, lemon and others fresh herb flavours. carefully roll up the roasted Porchetta into a roulade.


Spanish Tempranillo delivers contrasting flavors of leather and cherries. Since red is a prosperity color for Chinese New Year, let’s celebrate CNY with this special red wine offer!

TAKE-AWAY PACKAGE for suckling pig, Spanish wine and pork belly Roulade, please PRE-ORDER 2 DAYS AHEAD. Promotion Date: 1 FEB – 2 MAR 2018

For all festive menu and special takeaways, please make your table booking by calling Sapore at 03-42666362 or book your table online using our website or Facebook page platform.



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