NEW ARRIVAL – 7 faces of new dishes

Chef Fabio is bored and wants to do new dishes again. (Despite we have so many choices of food in the menu already!)

So if you like new food in the classic Spanish Italian restaurant, come over and visit us again!

potato croquette

  • Potato croquette RM26 USA mashed potatoes mixed with mozzarella cheese and cooked ham. Dip in the beaten egg then rolled through breadcrumbs. The classic deep-fry golden brown croquette served with Romanesco sauce.IMG_5838
  • Roasted Mediterranean Octopus with chickpeas purée and spinach RM40
    Italian antipasto recipe for grilled fresh octopus with chickpea purée and healthy green spinach.orecchiette broccoli pesto
  • Orecchiette pasta RM 32 with broccoli pesto and sundried tomato finished with Parmesan Cheese. Broccoli puree till it becomes a coarse paste, full-flavoured and creamy, adding in the little-ears pasta to have this healthy pasta.

    Penne Amatricana with Guanciale Ham

  • Penne Amatriciana RM32 with Guanciale Ham, red onion stewed with red wine and tomato sauce. This simple penne pasta dish features Guanciale Ham, diced tomatoes, red chilli flakes, and parmesan cheese.

spaghetti marinara

  • Spaghetti Marinara RM48 – mix seafood pasta with homemade chilli oil. T classic, easy seafood pasta made using a seafood marinara mix: prawns, octopus, squid and mussels tossed through a simple, tasty tomato sauce.

grilled pork neck

6.  Grilled Pork neck RM49 – with truffle mash potatoes and pork demi-glace.
Grilled Deboned Pork Neck Steaks, simply tasty and tender. The coat of fats on the pork neck/ collar is suitable for grilling due to its high fats and hence, enhance the taste and flavour.

beef cachopo (2)
beef cachopo (1)

  • Beef Cachopo RM108 – Spain – Asturian cuisine. In Sapore, our Beef Cachopo consists of two large veal fillets, Parma ham, red capsicum and melting cheese. The dish is eaten fried and hot after being breaded in eggs and breadcrumbs, garnished with potatoes.

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