Panzerotti and Gin Party

Have you heard of Panzerotti?

Panzarotti combines pizza and pastry into a crispy, mouthwatering meal or appetizer. The shape is similar to a big Malaysian curry puff style, just that this traditional Italian pastry transform a pizza into a cheesy pastry puff!

Chef Fabio introduce Panzarotti for the very first time. It could be your first time trying a delicious pizza puff as well!

Sapore presents you Panzarotti party!

7-10pm, Friday, 18 Jan 2019!

We have 3 types of Panzerotti:
1. Mozzarella & cheese
2. Pork Meat & cheese
3. Ricotta Cheese & spinach

A. Mix plate Panzerotti RM36+
B. 1 pcs Panzerotti RM15+
C. 1 glass of Gin Agricolo RM42+ FREE Panzerotti (any)

Sapore is an Italian Spanish-Mediterranean restaurant. Artisan food. Fine Wine. Jamon Iberico, Tapas and Wine.

Call: +603-42666362

Google Map:

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