Iberico Pork Tomahawk and Salmon Sausage

Sapore Iberico Pork Tomahawk

Do you know the name “Tomahawk” means that the meat with the long bone bears resemblance to a single-handed axe? Why not try this stunning pork loin cut with some of the rich and succulent belly grilled to perfection?

What’s so amazing about Iberico Pig meat is because of the nutritious flavorful and healthy meat due to Iberico Pigs are acorn-fed and run freely on the wild field.

The juicy tender part is due to the Iberico Pork contains a high percentage of unsaturated fatty acids, come on over and try this! RM128+

Salmon Sausage

Perhaps you have tried many kinds of sausage, but salmon sausage? 
Chef Fabio uses salmon stomach and neck part for creating this wonderful spicy sausage. We will be serving the salmon sausage with hollandaise sauce and baby spinach priced at RM36+

Packed with omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin B12, come on over and try out our salmon sausages and see if you like it…see ya!

Kindly call SAPORE at +603-4266 6362 for more info

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