Gin Roby Marton and Jamon Serrano

Gin lovers, you gonna get hold of this. Join us to taste this exclusive handcrafted Italian Gin RobyMarton, and witness one whole leg of Jamon Iberico Bellota being sliced.

6pm, Fri 26 April 2019

  • Italian Gin RobyMarton Bottle RM399+
  • Italian Gin RobyMarton Glass RM28+

*Free Jamon Serrano / pax upon purchase of Gin RobyMarton


ABOUT RobyMarton Italian Premium Gin
The Best-Selling Italian Premium Dry Gin in the World, 47% Alc/Vol
CRAFTMANSHIP- Handcrafted “Cold compound” gin produced from the best cereals and spring waters. It is subjected to two process of distillation and during the final process a part of the distillate is put into a steel barrel in a cold infusion for the final refinement with eleven botanicals: licorice roots, juniper berries, peel of lemon and orange, cloves, cinnamon, ginger roots, pimento berries, horseradish, anise seeds and pink pepper.

Nose- Complex, clean and well structured. The nose is both spicy and citric, with a nice balance of licorice, ginger and juniper.
Palate- It is dry with an uncommon and persisting exotic spicy flavour bestowed by ginger and pink pepper. Finishes dry with a citrus back.


ABOUT Jamon Serrano
Jamon Serrano is a flavorful, natural ham, cured in the country air. This extended curing transforms the ham, imparting a deep flavor and aroma, proudly done in Spain. The majority of serrano hams are made from a landrace breed of white pigs or from commercial breeds such as Duroc. These aged hams were known as a delicacy even in the days of the Roman Empire.

Make your table booking by calling Sapore at 03-42666362 or make your table booking online through Facebook.

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