Apr 2020 – Easter and Deli Special

Hi all, we hope that everyone stay safe at home, but there is no reason not to celebrate Easter Special this coming weekend. Sapore offers [Easter Meal] takeaway specially for you.

Easter Special on 11 and 12 April 2020

  1. Iberico Pork and Seafood Paella RM26
  2. Grilled Lamb Rack Cutlet 3-bone & vegetables RM40
  3. Roasted Full Lamb Rack & vegetables RM90
  4. Pizza with tomatoes, mozzarella, lamb ragu & sunny side up eggs RM35 (free soft drink)

Sapore is also offering deli special to add on some of your #stayathome deli order.

  • Free Delivery in Ampang Area with min RM 150
  • Free Delivery in Klang Valley area with min RM 450
  • You can combine other deli products among all 4 listings
NoCOLD CUTSCategoryBig sizePrice (RM)
Small pack (200gm)
1 Prosciutto Cottocooked ham3kg12024
2 Mortadellalarge Italian sausage/ luncheon meat3kg12024
3 Salame SpicySausage – spicy500g7024
4 Coppashoulder ham1.5kg13026
5 ChorizoSausage – spicy1.5kg15030
6 Prosciutto Crudo  ham5kg15030
7 Pancetta bacon Affumicatasmoked pork belly1.5 – 2kg16032
8 Cotechinosausage 300g50
9Salame Cacciatorinosausage – small500g70
10 Chianina Salami (beef)Roasted meat500g110
11 Guancialecheek lard1.3-1.5kg145
12 SpeckSpeck ham2kg150
13 Montalcino salamesausage – small1kg160
14Bresaola half cutcured meat1.1kg220
15Chianina Mortadella (beef)Roasted meat3kg240
16Bresaola IGP Premiumcured meat2.5kg250
 CHEESEWeightCategoryPrice       (RM)
1Gorgonzola Dolce500 gmcow50
2Asiago500 gmcow60
3Taleggio500 gmcow70
4Scamorza Affumicata Granarolo600 gmcow90
5Grana Padano 1/81 kgcow130
6Pecorino di crotone1 kgsheep120
1Iberico ribs1kg68
2Sakura pork chop1kg42
3Sakura Pork belly1kg35
4Sakura Minced pork1kg23
5Pork sausage1kg68
6Pork burger patty250gm9
7Beef Angus T bone1kg108
8Red snapper1kg75
9Tiger prawns1kg70
1Extra Virgin Olive Oil1 litre40
2Extra Virgin Olive Oil5 litres180
3Spaghetti De Cecco500 gm8
4Rigatoni De Cecco500 gm8
5Tagliatelle De Cecco500 gm15

For more info, kindly call/ whatsapp: +603-42666362

For takeaway promos during MCO: https://sapore18my.com/2020/03/17/movement-control-order-notice/

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