Chef’s Special: Mangalista Pork Tomahawk

Mangalitsa Pork Tomahawk Rack

Mangalitsa Center Cut Tomahawk Rib Chops are one of the most recommended and delicious ways to experience Mangalitsa meat.

I call this beastie “a pig wrapped in a woolly sheep-like fleece” a half pig sheep combination, this 200-year-old Hungarian heritage rare breed is highly prized as the one of the finest pork meat in the the world – it contains high flaky pork fats, intense flavour, and highly marbleized meat, similar with European wild boar/ Iberico pork.

As some top chef describes Mangalista pork fats dissolved into soft creamy taste-after, as the fats melt in your mouth.

Fun facts about Mangalista pork meat:

  • One of the fattiest pigs but the tastiest pork  in the world
  • 65-70% of the carcass is fat, and lean meat is only 30 – 35% of the carcass, compared to over 50% in modern breeds. 
  • the best dish preparation will be enjoy Medium Rare.
  • Marbleized meat – a moist and pliant texture, a rich, deep red color and complex taste.

Sapore is now selling Pork Mangalitsa Tomahawk Chops, while stock lasts. Make your reservation by calling/ whatsapp us at +60342666362

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