Chinese New Year 新年菜单 2021

With the current pandemic happening in Malaysia, this means that reunion meal and Chinese New Year celebration will be celebrated at home for now. Let’s pray hard and hope everyone stay safe no matter where you are.

Be it delivery or the possibility of dining in this coming February 2021, we had prepared some of the top selling Chinese New Year favourite item from our menu.

Let’s welcome the Year of Ox with joy, happiness and prosperity. The key is spend time with your loved ones, as always.

  1. Porchetta Siew Yuk (roasted pork belly) 1kg RM98; 2.5 kg RM188
  2. Roasted Iberico pork ribs with BBQ sauce and pepper sauce.  Full rack 2kg RM280
  3. Roasted lamb leg with vegetable, potato, mint sauce and gravy RM368
  4. Roasted honey chicken with vegetable and sauce RM58
  5. Lasagna pork with cheese 1kg RM98 (4 pax)
  6. Vegetarian eggplant lasagna 1kg RM98 (4 pax)
  7. Pizza with tomato, mozzarella, smoked duck, rocket salad, apple  RM45
  8. Spanish Paella rice (roasted duck, mushrooms) RM130 for 6, RM250 for 12
  9. Prosperity burger with French fries (Normal pork RM28; Iberico pork RM45)
  1. 烧肉意大利式1kg RM98; 2.5公斤RM188
  2. 烤伊比利亚猪排配BBQ酱和胡椒酱。 2kg RM280
  3. 烤羊腿配蔬菜,土豆,薄荷酱和肉汁 RM368
  4. 烤蜜汁鸡 RM58
  5. 千层面猪肉、芝士1kg RM98(4人)
  6. 素食茄子千层面1kg RM98(4 人)
  7. 披萨配番茄,奶酪,烟熏鸭,沙拉,苹果 RM45
  8. 西班牙海鲜饭(烤鸭,蘑菇)RM130 给6人, RM250 给12人
  9. 新年享福汉堡配薯条(普通猪肉RM28;伊比利亚猪肉RM45

*Terms and conditions: minimum 2 days ahead.

If you are interested in our CNY 2021 menu, please call/ whatsapp Sapore at +603-42666362.

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