PR – Sapore’s Grand Opening and First Year Anniversary

L to R - Chef Fabio Ruggiero, Dr Ng Wee Kiong, Mr En Kiat
Chef Fabio, Dr Ng, MR En Kiat




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First year anniversary, Official Launch and CNY Celebration


Ampang, KL (24 Feb 2018) – Sapore, the Italian-Spanish Restaurant that serves you artisan food and fine wine, officiates its grand opening ceremony on 24 Feb 2018 after one year of establishment in Persiaran Ampang.  The VIP directors who officiated the grand opening ribbon cutting ceremony were Dr Ng Wee Kiong (Managing Director), Chef Fabio Ruggiero (The restaurateur and executive chef), Mr En Kiat (Finance Director) and other representatives of Sapore.

“I would like to thank you all, our media press and our special guests for coming to Sapore’s grand opening as this is a special occasion for everyone.  This big success is simply the result of your tireless support and enthusiasm through all the years. Your patronage has made us bigger, stronger and better. We will keep improving the quality of our food and services,” stated by Dr Ng Wee Kiong.

Chef Fabio Ruggiero delivered his speech in his humble gesture: “Thank you so much for welcoming me here today and thank you to the town for being so supportive of Sapore over the past year. As you know, all the Italian-Spanish dishes we prepared in Sapore will be as authentic as possible, given our imported food ingredients and quality, followed my great teamwork of my kitchen and staff team. My mission is to offer food lovers Mediterranean dishes where deliciousness makes pleasure go around the table and together we bring good food, casual dining experience to our customers. Thanks for coming and I hope you will enjoy. Grazie (thank you) and Bon appetite (enjoy your meal).”

In conjunction with Chinese New Year festive season, Sapore’s grand opening includes the traditional lion dance ceremony, firecrackers and the Malaysia’s traditional Yee Sang Prosperity tosses.

Special guests and media were served with light canapes, food and drink. Interesting activities including a special body art painting session for the guests and media. In conjunction with its grand opening, Sapore team shared their new menu information to the guests and media, which will be available starting March 2018. New ‘eats’ (kids) on the ‘block’ presented on the menu are such as: Italian pizza with customised cold cut toppings, gnocchi with spicy minced pork, and Puglia pork shoulder roulade.

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About Sapore

Sapore is an Italian, Spanish-Mediterranean Restaurant located at Ampang, the neighbouring city at Kuala Lumpur. Sapore means ‘flavours’ in Italian. At Sapore, we held an interesting slogan – “Serving you Artisan Food and Fine Wine”, simply because we highlight the authentic taste of Italian and Spanish food. Our signature food talk-about in town are such as suckling pig, paella, roasted octopus, cold cut, tapas, personalised pizza and our savoury pasta carbonara.

Originally from Bari, the capital city of southern Italy’s Puglia region, Chef Fabio, the restaurateur and executive chef, will delight you with great Italian and Spanish food. Come over to ‘Sapore’ (taste) our classic Italian and Spanish dishes, as we enjoy bringing people together through food.

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Sapore Grand Opening Ceremony Program

11am, 24 Feb 2018

1) Canapes & drinks

2) Lion Dance performance

3) Welcome speech by Dr Ng Wee Kiong & Chef Fabio Ruggiero

4) Yee sang (directors front line)

5) Fire cracker

6) Ribbon cutting ceremony

7) Light food & drinks



Luretta Organic Wines Aperitivo

sapore menu (2)

Aperitivo is northern Italy’s version of cocktail hour. For Italians, Aperitivo is a glorious couple of hours after work and before the late dinner, when they can relax post-work over a glass of wine or Campari and some snacks.
Together with Luretta DOP Italian Deli, Sapore presents you:

Luretta Organic Wines Aperitivo at Sapore 
A great event for you to taste unlimited appetisers/ starters paired with 4 glasses of Luretta Organic Wines.
Time: 5pm – 8pm
Date: Sunday, 1 Oct 2017
Dining style: Aperitivo Buffet food and 4 glasses of wine
Price: RM 138 ++ per pax


-Cold Cappellini with Seafood Salad
-Tuna Tartare with Guacamole Sauce

Paired with D.O.C. Colli Piacentini Dry Malvasia
Organoleptic Notes: Swirling the wine, the “tears” which drip down the side of the glass exhale spring perfume. An aromatic bouquet of lavender, wild flowers, prickly pear and rose, makes the character of this wine fresh and pleasant. Meanwhile, the apricot, pineapple and nectarine give the palate a special experience. Combination: Boccadirosa is excellent with hot and cold salami hors-d’oeuvre, butter and sage tortellini, white meets and freshwater served with mayonnaise sauce. For Asian cuisine, it marries with spicy catfish. The bright acidity of this wine can light up the freshness of crayfish, which is worthy to have a try!

– Baby octopus with Spanish Olive
– Gorgonzola Cheese and Walnuts
Paired with (SELIN DL’ALMARI White Wine, Chardonnay)
NOTES: From the most widespread vine species in the world Luretta produces this wine, which is the result of age-old craftsmanship in winemaking, handed down from generation to generation. Grown and refined in a continuous symbiosis with durmast wood, this wine is charged with a sweet aftertaste of spices and smoke. Its silk-like fluidity covers the palate, and it is the result of years of ageing inside the castle walls.


– Manchego Cheese with Dry Apricot
– Polenta with Mushrooms and Truffle oil
Paired with (D.O.P. Colli Piacentini Cabernet Sauvignon)
Organoleptic Notes: This wine embodies an intense ruby red color, a mint balsamic fragrance and spice tones together with primary flavors of red berry. Its palate is smooth and clean with flavours of BlackBerry and Blueberry. Red wine with a young and fruity flavor cut. In mouth is juicy and vibrant, highly dynamic and smooth. Key point is the organic treatment operated in the vineyard that allows to mark up the finest characteristic of the terroir.


– Paella with Iberico pork


– Chocolate cake
Paired with (D.O.C. Colli Piacentini Sweet Malvasia)
Organoleptic Notes: This sweet wine embodies a light and sweet taste, Wine obtained by an expert processing of Malvasia
autochthon grapes, in which all the Mediterranean scents can
be recognized.
The sun and the fruit prevailing in the nose and palate, with
this one featured by a perfect and intriguing balance between acidity and sweetness.
Nose: from Mediterranean flowers to exotic, tropical fruits.
The mouth is clean, fresh and acidic, with a typical ripe pulp of


For booking, please call Sapore at +603-42666362