Aug 2021: Dine-in and Merdeka Special

[Announcement] Dine-In Available for Phase 1 States (Govt announcement on 20 Aug 2021)

Sapore is now opened for dine-in for customers who have fully completed their vaccination programme.

  • Sapore Operating Hours: 11:30am – 9pm
  • Please show your digital certificate of vaccination to our service crew before entering our outlet, we can only accept fully vaccinated patrons for dine-in according to the latest SOP. The restaurant will not be responsible on any acts if there is no proven evidence of fully vaccination proof directly from your own MySejahtera app
  • Sapore staff is also fully vaccinated.
  • DEFINITION OF FULLY VACCINATED:• Vaccination that requires 2 doses such as Pfizer, AZ, Sinovac: 14 days after the 2nd dose• Vaccination that requires 1 dose such as Johnson & Johnson, CanSino: 28 days after 1 dose
  • Due to the limited capacity, Sapore delivery/ takeaway/ self-pick up promotion is still applicable.



  • Buy 2 Free 1 Pizza *Free Pizza Margherita/ Ham Mushroom (23 – 31 Aug 2021)
  • Free 1 Paella (min spending RM50) on 31 Aug 2021

*Each customer is entitled to one promotion only.

For table booking, delivery, or any other inquiries:

Sapore [Movement Control Order] Promotion

17 March 2020 – In related to the [movement control order] given by Malaysia prime minister Tan Sri Muhiyuddin Yassin on 16 March 2020, SAPORE will offer 50% on food and 30% on all wine only for today (17 March 2020).

The promotion is valid only for dine in only, no takeaway is allowed on 17 March 2020.

  • MCO starting 25 Mar 2020: Sapore operating hours 12pm – 8pm
  • CMCO starting 5 May 2020: Sapore opening hours 12-9pm

We summarize so that easy for your reference.

[MCO Top Selling Items]
1. Greek salad 希腊沙拉RM18
2. Eggplant Parmigiana 焗烤千层茄子RM18
3. Spaghetti Carbonara 白汁意面RM30
4. Pizza ham mushroom 火腿蘑菇披萨RM32
5. Pork Tortellini 猪肉意式饺子RM38
6. Lamb chop 烤羊排RM49
7. Cheese platter 3 种芝士RM52
8. Grilled Iberico Pork Ribs 烤伊比利亚黑猪 排 RM56
Pork chop 香煎猪扒RM58
Cold cut platters 冷切盘肉 RM88

1. French fries with garlic mayo 炸薯条RM9
2. Homemade Pork patty burger with fries 猪肉汉堡RM22
3. Stewed tomatoes Beef meat balls 炖番茄牛肉丸4 pcs RM25
4. Weekend Paella 周末西班牙猪肉海鲜饭RM26
5. Roasted Porchetta 烧肉 RM94/ kg (3-4 pax) *Photo shown is 2kg porchetta.
6. (4 pax) Grilled Platter: 1/2 chicken, 2 lamb cutlet, 1 pork sausage,1 sunny side up eggs, french fries, vegetables 烤拼盘:1/2鸡肉,2羊肉,1猪肠,1鸡蛋,炸薯条,蔬菜RM108

1. 20% discount off ala carte menu & wine 20%折扣
2. Buy 3 free 1 tapas 买 3 送 1小吃
3. Buy wine free cheese 买葡萄酒送芝士
4. Buy pizza free soft drinks 买披萨送汽水
5. 5km Free delivery min spending RM50 距离5km路程免外送费,需最低消费RM50
6. Grocery deli’s available超市熟食

If you need help, please call/ whatsapp: +603-42666362

We understand that Sapore has been promoting many visuals and promotion during MCO, because we need to promote based on demand.


Our kitchen will focus on food delivery during this partial lockdown.

Sapore will offer food delivery using grabfood, foodpanda, delivery eat. Our kitchen operates cater for food takeaway.

Other methods: self pick up, lalamove, Mr speedy for food delivery.

[Free delivery within 5km from our restaurant] min spending RM50
*Not applicable with others MCO promotions. This announcement is as per 21 April 2020.

MCO Promotions during this #stayhomechallenge

  • Buy 1 pizza, free 1 soft drink (coke/sprite)
  • 20% for all f&b, wine, etc (takeaway)

Party at home will be a good choice to those who like bulk purchase.



  • The lowest price will be the free tapas item.
  • Free cheese with min 2 bottles of wine purchase.

Suggested cheese for wine promo:
1. Soft goat cheeses
2. Sardinian pecorino
3. Parmesan cheese
• Add on Walnuts , honey


Buy all the wine that you want.

1. Australia Red Cambridge Crossing Cabernet Merlot: Promo Price RM79.90
2. Australia White Cambridge Crossing Chardonnay Promo Price RM79.90
3. Australia Red Mengler’s Hill Shiraz Promo Price RM 109.00
4. Australia Red 2018 Martin’s Pick Up Cabernet Sauvignon Promo Price RM89.90
5. Australia Red 2017 Martin’s Pick Up Shiraz Promo Price RM89.90
6. France Red 2014 Chateau Dubois Claverie Bordeaux Promo Price RM79.90
7. France Red 2012 Château Haut Laulion Bordeaux Supérieur Promo Price RM79.90
8. France Red 2013 Chateau Ragon Bel-Air Bordeaux Supérieur AOP Promo Price RM79.90
9. France Red Château les Acacias Bordeaux Promo Price RM90.90
10. France Red 2009 Château Thibault Bordeaux Promo Price RM90.90


  • This promotion is valid during the MOVEMENT CONTROL ORDER.
  • The promotion is valid until restaurant is back into dine-in availability.
  • You are entitled to only one promotion, and cannot combine all promotions.
  • Our operating hours will be adjusted according to situation and M’sia official announcement.

Feel free to call/ whatsapp Sapore at +603-42666362

For deli and Easter Special during MCO period:

Any events from 18 – 31 March 2020 will be cancelled or postponed.