Restaurant. Tapas. Wine.

Our main specialities are our imported quality Jamon Iberico, small yet delicious Spanish Tapas, and great choices of wine. We assure you that every bite is savoury and satisfying, every drink is intoxicating.

Don’t miss out what we have for you – Cold Cut Charcuterie, Antipasti Tagliere, various cheese selection, hot and cold tapas, the classic Italian Bruschetta bread, weekend brunch, Sunday Paella, fine wine, cocktails, beers and much more at your delight.

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Food Guide in our restaurant

  1. Sapore Signature dishes:
  2. Cheese guide:
  3. Hot and Cold Tapas:
  4. Cold cut platter guide:

*Corkage Fee:

Sapore Corkage fee is RM50 per wine bottle and RM100 per whiskey bottle.
However, special terms of corkage fee will be waived if you purchase minimum 1 bottle of wine from our menu.

Corkage fees applicable due to: 
• Cause the normal outside food & beverages are not allowed. Revenue lost from not purchasing the restaurant’s wine
• Use of restaurant or lounge space
• The restaurant’s investment in their own wine service program, including efforts related to curating a wine list, keeping a sommelier on staff, and training staff on their wine selection
• Accommodations relating to the wine (wine buckets, corking wine, or disposing of bottles)