June 2019 Event

GRILL PLATTER RM130+ [10-15 JUNE 2019]

Hey, what’s the best when it comes to grilled platter? Sharing of course!

Come over and enjoy Grilled platter with ½ chicken, pork sausage, lamb rack, pork porchetta, vegetable & salad, great to be shared with family and friends. *Valid only from 6-9pm only.

Cause Daddy is the coolest men in the world. Time to celebrate Father’s Day with Sapore. Free 1 glass of wine/ double shoot of Jack Daniels/ Porchetta
*Valid on 16 June 2019. Min spending of RM50.

Sapore is giving away free seafood Tagliatelle on 18 June 2019. Just spend minimum RM50 in a single receipt.

TOMAHAWK STEAK (BEEF) Special Deal on 28 JUNE 2019

Featuring a thick chunk of ribeye at one end, they usually have at least 6-8 inches of bone handle – perhaps the ultimate meat axe tomahawk.

Enjoy this promotion: 1 Tomahawk steak + 1 bottle of Chianti Wine at RM480+ (NP is RM568+)

Call Sapore at +603-42666362 or kindly fb msg , thanks!


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NEW MENU: Thanks for your support, now we are launching new menu 3.0.
Adding in more choices, here are some of the hot picks:
1) Potato Cake with Mozzarella Cheese
2) Classic Italian Pizza, also you can choose your 1-2 choices of cold cut toppings.
3) Gnocchi (small potato dumplings) with spicy minced pork, tomatoes & toasted walnuts.
4) Two Jumbo Sausage served with sautéed onion, mustard & potato
5) Puglia pork shoulder Roulade stuffed with cheese, mashed potatoes, spinach
6) Pan fried Norwegian Hake Fish Fillet with creamy capers, potatoes & spinach
7) Lamb Shank stewed with mashed potatoes vegetables
8) Pork Chop White Wine, salad, Mashed potatoes
9) Pan fried Beef Scallopini with mushrooms

We have also adding back our beetroot salad due to high demand and customer’s request. Time to visit Sapore again!

For the latest menu, please check on our menu page, thanks. Hope to see you soon.