Jan – Feb 2020: Chinese New Year 农历新年菜单

Woohoo, here comes the spring time of Chinese New Year! Chinese New Year is definitely a prosperous and an auspicious festival for the Chinese.

Besides tossing yee sang, catching up with friends and family at reunion meals is a must during this festive season. What to eat during Chinese New Year 2020? Why not try to order SAPORE special Chinese New Year dine-in and take-away festive menu?

Now, you can enjoy the special takeaway food to bring back hometown for your CNY reunion meal! Maybe it will add on more delights and less work for the homecook chef in the family.

Sapore Jan – Feb 2020

(A) Dine-in/ Take-away SPECIALS

  1. *烤乳猪 Roasted Suckling pig, potato, Arugula Salad with 3 different sauces (6 -8 pax) RM368
  2. *烧肉 Porchetta Pork Belly Roulade 2.5kg (8-10pax) RM188
  3. *20cm 娘惹黄梨挞 (砂拉越高级黄梨)Nyonya pineapple tart (Sarawak Premium Pineapple) RM88
  4. 脆皮北京烤鸭 Roasted Peking Duck RM88
  5. 八宝鸭 Eight Treasure Duck RM138
    Ingredients for 八宝鸭 Eight Treasure Duck: Chestnut, button mushroom, straw mushroom, Glutinous rice, black mushroom(shitake), carrot, ginkgo nuts, lotus seed
  6. 富贵鸡 Fortune chicken RM88
    Ingredients for fortune chicken: Dang gui(angelica root) , yuk zhuk(solomon seal) , tong sum(codonopsis pilosula), chuan gong(ligusticum striatum) , red dates, wolfberry, bei qi(astragalus propinquus) , wai shan(dry chinese yam)
    当归、玉竹、党参、 川芎 、红枣、枸杞、北气、 淮山

7. 蜂蜜上釉煙熏火腿 Smoked Honey-glazed Turkey Ham RM118

8. 烤羊腿 Lamb leg 3kg with Ratatouille, Roasted Potatoes, Rosemary Gravy and Mint Sauce RM330

*Photo is for illustration purpose only. Some photos are taken from the internet.

T&C: *For takeaway, all price shown is nett price. For dine-in, 10% service charge is applicable.
*For take-away package, kindly pre-order 2 days ahead.
*Take-away package is available from Jan – Feb 2020.
*All take-away festive package would need to make full payment. Full payment is non-refundable in any case of cancellation.

(B) Prosperity Pork Burger

Ah ha, sound familiar? Yes, prosperity pork burger is back in action!

  • Prosperity Pork burger RM28
  • Prosperity Iberico burger RM45

Chef Fabio: “We use fresh Iberico pork shoulder and minced all into Iberico pork patty. We also add on mushrooms, pork bacon, Stewed onion, Mayonnaise, Romaine lettuce and tomato slices.

Our burger patty is using premium pork patty to maintain the flavor and the tenderness of the meat.

(c) CNY Aperitivo RM88

Time and Date: starting 6pm, on 25 and 26 Jan 2020 (Chinese New Year Day 1 and 2)

Sapore CNY Aperitivo RM88 menu comes with one portion each of :

  • Iberico and prawns Paella (free refill)
  • Assorted tapas
  • Pasta
  • Pizza
  • Dessert
  • Free 3 glasses of alcohol/ non-alcoholic drinks: Campari/ sangria/ wine/ ice lemon tea/ soft drink

All CNY items are available from Jan till Feb 2020! Are you ready to shop for Chinese New Year food?

Call/Whatsapp Sapore at +603-42666362

Wishing you all Happy Chinese New Year 祝大家新年快乐!

Aloha Sunday Buffet March 2018 – Mini Burger

aloha event (1)


Sunday is always a great day to relax, being lazy, and more time to enjoy. Our Aloha Buffet Party is back!

For March 2018 buffet edition, besides our normal buffet menu, we will bring you this mini Iberico pork burger in your buffet session…yummy Iberico patty burger is coming your way!

Remember to book your table online or call us at 03-42666362.

Remember our monthly Sunday buffet affair, happening every last Sunday of the month!