Chinese New Year Special 2019

Hello, knowing that Chinese New Year is coming, and perhaps Sapore can help you to serve a good reunion food on your table.
Here are some of the Top Lucky Prosperity Foods might give you good luck and happy family reunion meal!

If you are looking for some classic Chinese new year dishes with some Italian fusion flavours inside, do consider some of our packaging, Chef Fabio certainly want to show some Italian culinary skill on these Chinese New Year dishes!

2019 农历新年美食配套
CNY Dine-in/ Takeaway (1 – 28 FEB 2019)

• Suckling Pig 乳猪
a) RM328 (1 pig 4kg) 4-6 pax
b) RM188 (0.5 pig 2kg) 8-10 pax

Porchetta (Italian Siew Yuk) 烧肉 RM98/ kg (5 pax)

800g Baked Snapper Fish white wine sauce, vegetables + 2 King prawns 500g 白酒鲷鱼 +帝王虾 RM338 (5 pax)

*Price for dine-in, it is a PLUS (+), takeaway is NETT.

We help you to settle all the cooking, come over and enjoy some good Chinese New Year meal with us. Or you can choose to takeaway the CNY package and bring it back home.

Wishing you all Happy Chinese New Year 祝你新年快乐,万事如意。

Call: +603-42666362

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Hello, knowing that Chinese New Year is coming, and perhaps Sapore can help you to serve a good reunion food on your…

Posted by Sapore – Italian Spanish Restaurant Bar on Thursday, January 24, 2019

Sapore is an Italian Spanish-Mediterranean restaurant. Artisan food. Fine Wine. Jamon Iberico, Tapas and Wine.


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NEW MENU: Thanks for your support, now we are launching new menu 3.0.
Adding in more choices, here are some of the hot picks:
1) Potato Cake with Mozzarella Cheese
2) Classic Italian Pizza, also you can choose your 1-2 choices of cold cut toppings.
3) Gnocchi (small potato dumplings) with spicy minced pork, tomatoes & toasted walnuts.
4) Two Jumbo Sausage served with sautéed onion, mustard & potato
5) Puglia pork shoulder Roulade stuffed with cheese, mashed potatoes, spinach
6) Pan fried Norwegian Hake Fish Fillet with creamy capers, potatoes & spinach
7) Lamb Shank stewed with mashed potatoes vegetables
8) Pork Chop White Wine, salad, Mashed potatoes
9) Pan fried Beef Scallopini with mushrooms

We have also adding back our beetroot salad due to high demand and customer’s request. Time to visit Sapore again!

For the latest menu, please check on our menu page, thanks. Hope to see you soon.