Happy CNY and Valentine’s Wishes

Formal Chinese New Year Greeting Social Media Post


Food Art Story telling time: “As February is a special festive month for Chinese New Year and Valentine’s Day, we create a couple of Snoopy characters, representing the lovely dog zodiac animal in 2018 Chinese Calendar. The snoopy couple go back hometown and celebrate Chinese New Year “Spring Festival” together with their families. Their families light firecrackers to celebrate the festival together, as they were also surrounded by the beautiful Plum blossom trees in their hometown. In conjunction with Happy Valentine’s Day, both lovers fall in love and celebrate the romance in the love of pasta Bolognese, as it represents Sapore Italian food.

Hereby, Sapore wishes you a prosperous Chinese New Year and Happy Valentine’s Day 2018.


This foodart project is brought to you by Sapore and @minichocobear.
Ingredients used: Bread,mayonnaise,seaweed,red capsicum,spaghetti,prego sauce,pork and chicken ham,chocolate chips, chocolate rice, and chili.