National Margarita Day 2019

If you love tequila, “Hey Margarita!” (Remember this song?)

The margarita cocktail has been a beloved cocktail since 1940. We might hear of the Oktober beer festival, and now the growing trend will be celebrating National Margarita Day in Malaysia!

What else is better than enjoying some colorful bittersweetness of Margarita at Sapore!

Classic Margarita

Enjoy the refreshing taste of this classic margarita made with simple ingredients: Fresh lime juice, t-sec, and gold tequila.

Pretty Blue Margarita

If you like our beautiful sky Blue Margarita, give a try on this specially made cocktail filled up with gold tequila, blue curacao and fresh sour lime.


Well, some of you might like the hardcore distilled drinks, which is why you’ll see Jack Daniels standing tall at here together with Negroni.

Negroni is a refreshing drink with Bourbon or gin, Vermouth and Campari. the old mature red-brown colours make a stylish cocktail of the day.

And finally, since 22 Feb 2019 is National Margarita Day, we decided to offer special price for all our Margarita cocktails at RM28+ (NP 32+)

Margarita Promo is valid from 21-24 Feb 2019, so come over and enjoy some cool Margarita at Sapore, see you! Happy Margarita Day!

Ps: one question, do you know why in every Margarita cocktail, there will be the salt, the lime and the tequila in each glass of margarita? Solve the riddle and enjoy this very bitter citrus and sweet classic cocktails at all time.

Sassy Ladies Special – Wednesday and Thursday Ladies Night

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Hooray, you go, ladies, we have two days every week for you to enjoy our Sassy Ladies Special.

Free drinks for the ladies!



  • ‘Sassy Ladies Special’ (ladies night out)  are valid every Wednesday and Thursday, 6pm onwards.
  • While stocks last.
  • Sapore reserves the right to discontinue the promotion at any time or to modify the terms and conditions.


Call us now at +603-42666362 to secure your drink, or feel free to walk in easy.