July 2020 – Gin Sunday, Lamb Leg Special

“You’re the gin to my tonic.”

[Speakeasy Gin Sunday]
We are now launching a special Sunday combo set for a Gintonic Sunday. Happening every Sunday during our operational hours.

SINGLE (1 glass/ pax)
• Gin mix RM35
• Gin + Paella/ 50g Jamon Iberico RM55

GROUP (1 bottle/ 4 pax)
• Gin mix RM360
• Gin + Paella/ 100gm Jamon Iberico RM420

Come for our sapore speakeasy Sunday Gin, available every Sunday, all day long.

Chef Special – 1.5kg GRILLED LAMB LEG RM258+

Juicy tender lamb leg that can be pulled off the bone, served with a simple rosemary garlic, and mint sauce.

  • The Grilled lamb Leg set comes with vegetables, rosemary sauce, mint sauce
  • Good for 6 pax
  • Pre-order 1 day in advance
  • Available dine in or takeaway
  • While stock lasts

Kindly Call/ whatsapp +603-4266 6362 for table booking.

March 2020 – Women’s Day, Gin Jamon Iberico Paella, Calabria Fiesta

[International Women’s Day Special ]

Enjoy a complimentary paella and lovely chocolates from Sapore,
with a minimum spending of RM50 per lady.

*Only available on 8 March 2020.

Calabria represents the toe of the Italy ‘boot’ map, where this city is overtaken by the splendid crystal blue Ionian and Tyrrhenian Seas.

The warm climate, the beautiful colors of the sea, rocky coasts that alternate with clean sandy beaches,clear blue sky are every traveler’s wish list.

This Southern Italian region is famous for its spicy and robust cuisine.

The organic Italian tomatoes, peppers, garlic, red hot chili pepper
emphasizing powerful ingredients of Calabria.

Have you tried the spicy salami pork sausage? Well, if you the challenge of spice and chilli, come on over as chef Fabio will be doing Cold cuts live station, just like the concept of [from Italy Farm to your Table].


6pm, 12 March 2020 Thurs

[Buffet Menu RM140+ with 2 glass of Red Wine (Malvasia Nera) South Italy]

1. Mix bruschetta with 3 different topping (artichoke, spicy minced pork, spicy dry tomato paste)
2. Pizza with spicy peperoni
3. Olives Mix
4. Mini buffalo mozzarella
5. 3 different types of cheese with figs jam
6. Mix seafood salad
7. Tomato, tuna oil and cappers salad
8. Quiche Lorraine (French Tart) with smoky pancetta and cheese
9. Zucchini cake with mozzarella cheese
10. Artichoke salad

[Pasta/ Pizza]
11. Cavatelli pasta with spicy Nduja rocket and ricotta cheese
12. Trofie pasta with tuna oil, pesto and cream sauce
13. Fried calzone with spicy pork, mozzarella and tomato

[Cold cuts live station Spicy Salami Sausage]
14. Soppressata (aroma and strong taste, pig ham and shoulder)
15. Capocollo (top part of the loin)
16. Culatello (pork’s thigh)
17. Spianata (lean pork leg)
18. Salame stagionato piccante (chunks of pork meat)

19. Warm Ricotta cake with figs sauce


Don’t miss out this special Italian cuisine event, because Sapore don’t serve the ordinary Italian cuisine.

Gin lovers, you gonna get hold of this. As we will be presenting you a special Italian handcrafted Gin, tonics, good quality Jamon Iberico, and savoury paella.

Join us to taste this exclusive handcrafted Italian Gin RobyMarton, Jamon Iberico, Paella.

6pm, Thurs, 19 March 2020

• RM60+ for 1 glass of gin + 100gm Jamon Iberico
• RM168+ for 2 glasses of gin + Iberico paella (2 pax)
• RM460+ for 1 bottle of gin (Special Price) NP: RM500+


ABOUT RobyMarton Italian Premium Gin
The Best-Selling Italian Premium Dry Gin in the World, 47% Alc/Vol

CRAFTMANSHIP- Handcrafted “Cold compound” gin produced from the best cereals and spring waters. It is subjected to two process of distillation and during the final process a part of the distillate is put into a steel barrel in a cold infusion for the final refinement with eleven botanicals: licorice roots, juniper berries, peel of lemon and orange, cloves, cinnamon, ginger roots, pimento berries, horseradish, anise seeds and pink pepper.

Nose- Complex, clean and well structured. The nose is both spicy and citric, with a nice balance of licorice, ginger and juniper.

Palate- It is dry with an uncommon and persisting exotic spicy flavour bestowed by ginger and pink pepper. Finishes dry with a citrus back.


ABOUT TONIC WATERS – Fava Bibite Drinks Maker
Fava Bibite is one of Italy’s biggest beverage producer using the best industrial technologies. They produce carbonated drinks, organic drinks, alcoholic beverages based on wine. Their tonic water is the famous choices of Gin producers. No artificial sweeteners, flavourings, colours or preservatives.

• Dry Bitter Tonic Raffinata: Exquisite thirst-quenching drink with amiable bitter notes which releases pleasant and fresh citrusy sensations of incomparable taste, made using the natural extract of South American cinchona bark.

• GINGER BEER: From the selection of the most scented Central African ginger roots is born our “unmissable” Ginger Beer, with pleasant citrus and intensely spicy notes, perfect for the preparation of your best cocktails.


ABOUT Sapore – Italian Spanish Restaurant Bar SPANISH PAELLA
Originally from Valencia in Eastern Spain, Spanish paella started off as a simple rich dishes cooked with chicken, snails, beans, tomatoes and onions. Slowly, we explore few different recipes for Spanish paella. At Sapore, we spend 40 minutes – an hour to cook a big pan of fresh paella.


Natural Range Fed Iberico Ham, 75% Iberico Breed. An Iberian product that was cured for 24 and 36 months. Premium ham with great flavor. The green label indicates its origin of Iberian pig fed with charro natural resources and high-quality cereals. Weighs 7 and 9.5kg.


For more info, kindly call/ whatsapp SAPORE +603-42666362