Puglia Food and Wine Event

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Indulge yourself as you get to taste authentic Puglia food and wine at Sapore!
Puglia – the “spur” and “heel” of the Italian boot – is one of Europe’s great agricultural areas, its immense plains and rolling hills producing much of Italy’s wine and olive oil, vast quantities of its fruit and vegetables, and most of the hard durum wheat used to make its pasta.
Top 3 reasons you must be craving for Sapore’s Puglia Food & Wine Event: *Chef doesn’t do this often!*
1) Puglia’s typical pasta is orecchiette (“little ears”, after their shape)
2) Meat is usually lamb (agnello), meaning they have good cheeses as well!
3) Lots of sun and robust traditional grape varieties such as primitivo (a close cousin of zinfandel) often make for powerful reds look-out.
RM360+ PUGLIA SET MENU (2 PAX) with any purchase of wine bottle
1) CA’ VITTORIA Appassimento Rosso Puglia IGT
2) Bertoldi Gran Passione Rosso
3) Magnifico ‘Rosso Fuoco’ Primitivo
4) Doppio Passo Primitivo del Salento IGT
1) Starter
– Zucchini ripene
– Burrata cheese
– Capocollo
– Eggplant cake with mortadella ham
2) Pasta
– Cavatelli pasta with mix seafood
– Orecchiette broccoli tomato & anchovies
3) Main Course
– Baby Lamb with potato
– Bombette Ripiene, Pork shoulder with white wine sauce
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1) CA’ VITTORIA Appassimento Rosso Puglia IGT
Deep red colour. The good late maturation gives the characteristic notes of ripe and dried fruits, such as plums and raisins
The subsequent slight oak aging gives the pleasant notes of chocolate and spices that make this wine harmonic and balanced, pleasant and mature.
2) Bertoldi Gran Passione Rosso
TASTING NOTES – Vibrant purple colour, rich luscious nose full of sweet ripe dark cherry, plum, vanilla and christmas spice. Rich and velvety, with lots of juicy fruit. Very easy drinking.
“Dark garnet with ruby tints. Beguiling nose of cherry, sour cherry and fine spices with a touch of mocha. Velvety attack, ample, robust, powerful palate showing hay and youthful iodine and mineral touches. Firm mid-palate. Well-made with well-judged proportions
3) Magnifico ‘Rosso Fuoco’ Primitivo
TASTING NOTES: Intense purple colour, tending towards amber with ageing. This wine has a very solid structure due to the elevated alcohol and the balance between soft tannins and acidity. fruity, with notes of plums cherry marmalade and tobacco; spicy with an aftertaste of cocoa, coffee and vanilla.
4) Doppio Passo Primitivo del Salento IGT
Tasting notes: Deep ruby red colour tending towards garnet with ageing. In youth it has fresh, varietal aromas that become more complex with the time. Varietal characters are especially blackberry, cherries and ripe fruits. A very interesting structure is achieved due to the good balance between the soft tannins and acidity. This wine has an excellent character.
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Puglia Food and Wine Pairing at Sapore

Puglian cuisine perfectly merges the two hearts of the region: the lure of the sea, with a pantry full of fish and shellfish, and the love of the land, that provides cereals, pulses and many types of vegetables. Traditional dishes from Puglia have a great respect for raw materials, always with a distinguishable flavour.

Mini calzone pizza half-moon shape filled with Burrata, Olives and stewed onion. Imagine having a pizza in a half moon puff, all the melted cheese and flavours, as if calzone is the giant size of a currypuff! 


Tormaresca ‘Neprica’ Puglia IGT, Italy ruby red wine.
AROMA: notes of fresh red fruit (plums and cherries), of flowers (roses and violets), and spices (pepper and chocolate).
FLAVOR: a wine of good structure, crisp, supple, and elegant with a return of the notes of red fruit on the long finish and aftertaste.

Snapper fillet with squashed zucchini – Fillet of snapper served with squash zucchini (Fried green Zucchini with red vinaigrette and olive oil, with a zucchini puree to whip along, if you just need the sauce to come with the fish menu. So pleased as the chef arranges the vegetables nicely! 


Carnaroli Rice – Baked crusted on top, here comes the carnaroli rice with layered potato and mussel, a real treasure of Apulia tradition. Sounds like the local baked cheese rice, but it isn’t actually. 

Sporcamuss with custard – Italian cream filled Puff pastry served with fruits compote and pure lemon custard.
Chef talk: In Italy, sporca means ‘dirty’ and muss means ‘mouth’, meaning to say, the custard will be all over your mouth, no matter how….

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